Process Mapping -  Creation and documentation of existing processes is a critical step in establishing accountability, consistency, and setting standards of communication within your organization.

Process Improvement/Re-engineering - Using Lean methodology, StonePath Consulting will review your current processes to find waste reduction, cost savings, and solutions to problems that are causing bottlenecks for your teams and customers.

Change Management & Implementation - StonePath will partner with your company to help implement necessary changes, improvements, and re-organization of your staff.


Service Delivery Model - We will partner with you to either create or improve your customer service operations. Using the voice of your customer, we will create a structure that makes sense for your business and client needs.

Customer Survey - Understanding how you are perceived by customers is key to growing your business. StonePath will create a process to consistently measure your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, as well as work with your company to interpret the results and drive improvement.


New Manager Mentoring - Set your new managers up for success by providing them with a trusted mentor who can help them to better understand their strengths and learn not to just manage others, but become a leader in your company.

Cross-functional Communication - Breakdowns in communication between teams are costly for both customers and the company’s culture. Improving cross-functional communication will have far reaching positive effects.

Quality Control - With experience in setting up ISO certification and managing quality control programs, we will help you design, implement, or track quality across your company.